Zitropack was incorporated in October of 1992. You can read a brief company history by viewing the About Us page.

Quality and service. All of our machines are wash down rated and as one customer said “built like a German tank”. We also offer 24 hour / 7 days a week customer service.

We design and manufacture custom inline, rotary and complete turnkey packaging systems. You can view examples in our video and product gallery.

The video and product gallery has only a few examples of machines that we have designed and manufactured over the years.

We overhaul Zitropack and Autopak machines, but only improve competitor’s equipment by removing their existing machine station(s) or components and replacing them with Zitropack designs.

Our field service personnel are highly trained and involved with assembling our machinery. This assures proper assembly, personal accountability and provides all the information and tools needed to guarantee customer satisfaction.

We have the capability of designing machinery for packaging numerous types of container shapes and sizes. We package everything from round to square and specialize in unique shaped containers.

Yes, we have manufactured numerous tray packaging systems over the years. We have equipment packaging everything from cardboard and paper to plastic and microwavable trays.

We have an assortment of attachments for running different products that are easily mounted and changed on one filler. We can also integrate different types of filling stations on the same machine.

It depends on the container, but the most economical and common way is using our die cut system capable of sealing registered or non-registered film. You can view examples in our video gallery.

We developed a guillotine type sealing system that seals and cuts the film around the container but does not produce waste. We also offer pre-cut sealing systems that pick and place film or foil onto the container. Examples of both systems can be viewed in our video gallery.

We provide a 100 page plus manual including a complete bill of material, operating instructions, preventative maintenance, individual station assembly prints, emergency spare parts with OEM part numbers and electrical documentation.