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The Source of Packaging Equipment.

Zitropack is a company fully engaged in the design, manufacturing and installation of high quality automated packaging machinery. We specialize in user friendly and easily maintained inline, rotary and turnkey packaging systems. We also provide custom automated solutions for a variety of industries and customers.

Zitropack machinery is built through craftsmanship, top brand components and employing a highly skilled staff with over 30 years of engineering, service and manufacturing experience. To assure quality and successful installations, our field service engineers assist with the design and assembly of our packaging machines. This assures personal accountability, proper assembly and provides all the information and tools needed to guarantee customer satisfaction.

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Zitropack was incorporated in October of 1992. You can read a brief company history by viewing the About Us page.

Quality and service. All of our machines are wash down rated and as one customer said “built like a German tank”. We also offer 24 hour / 7 days a week customer service.

We design and manufacture custom inline, rotary and complete turnkey packaging systems. You can view examples in our video and product gallery.

The video and product gallery has only a few examples of machines that we have designed and manufactured over the years.

We overhaul Zitropack and Autopak machines, but only improve competitor’s equipment by removing their existing machine station(s) or components and replacing them with Zitropack designs.

Our field service personnel are highly trained and involved with assembling our machinery. This assures proper assembly, personal accountability and provides all the information and tools needed to guarantee customer satisfaction.